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We provide eye exams and care for adults and children ages 8 and up.

The truth about eye exams.

How can I tell if I need to see the eye doctor?

Looking at your own eyes in the mirror? Hoping to inspect them and determine your next needed eye exam?

Many people wait too long to go in for an eye check up with a doctor. We affirm there is no way to self-check at home.

So, end the eye exam procrastination - you simply need to come in.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Whether you are new to going to an eye doctor or have been, an annual eye exam alleviates and catches many eye disorders early.

Eye Disease Screening

Disease screening is a part of maintaining your vision health.  Catching these types of disorders and vision loss early will help us provide you with the best care for your eyes.

Contact Lens Fitting

Determining the right fitting for contact lenses starts with a correct assessment at our eye doctor's office. Get fitted correctly today.

Therapeutic Medication Prescription

We determine the right medications to promote the healing of eye infection, redness, tearing and similar symptoms.

Related General Health

Another important reason for eye screenings and annual checkups is the eyes can point to other health concerns.

Diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol are some general health problems caught in eye screenings that the doctor can begin diagnosing.


Emergency red eye care is available.

If you have an emergency eye injury outside of our office hours, please go to an Emergency Room immediately or dial 911 for public emergency services .


Your Vision and General Health Matter

Maintaining your overall health is part of the experience and passion behind our services.