When Emergencies Happen


If you have an emergency eye injury, please go to an Emergency Room immediately or dial 911 for public emergency services.

Eye Redness?

Are you experiencing eye redness that does not go away?

  • Please contact our office to discuss and setup an appointment if necessary.
  • Eye redness can be caused by different conditions from infection to impending eye conditions.
  • Red eyes accompanied by pain, itching, discharge, swelling or blurry vision can be mild or serious.
  • Bloodshot eyes in response to allergies or an eye injury need to be handled by a physician.

Red Eye Care

Consult a physician to determine what care is required for redness.

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or putting anything in them that may worsen your eye issue.
  • Do not pop or puncture pimple type or stye like bumps around your eyes.
  • Over the counter drops or eye treatments should be used only with a doctor's recommendation after examination.

Your Vision and General Health Matter

Maintaining your overall health is part of the experience and passion behind our services.

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