Meet Dr. Paula Emerson

A Primary Care Physician for your eyes.


Paula was born in New Haven, Connecticut.

She moved to San Antonio when she was 10 years old following her father's U.S. Army career.

Being strong in math and science, Paula decided to pursue a degree in biology.

She has a husband and daughter and loves traveling and devoting time to community service projects.



Dr. Emerson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1990.

She received her Doctorate Degree of Optometry from the University of Houston in 1995.

Dr. Emerson is licensed by the Texas Optometry Board.


Extended Certifications:

1994 - Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease | International Association of Boards of Examiners in Optometry

1996 - Therapeutic Optometry | Texas Optometry Board

2001 - Optometric Glaucoma Specialist | Texas Optometry Board



Dr. Emerson believes in taking care of your eye health by being a primary care physician for your eyes with referrals to specialists when needed.


Current Location:

Dr. Emerson is currently seeing patients at EyeCare-Pro offices located inside America’s Best. She floats several locations but is at the Westover/151 and West Commerce offices at least once/week. Please contact America’s Best to schedule an appointment and request Dr. Emerson.